Clinical Practice Guideline - DOWNLOADABLE

Clinical Practice Guideline - DOWNLOADABLE

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This DOWNLOADABLE 280-page publication expands on the Quick Reference Guide (QRG by providing a summary of the research supporting each recommendation. But don’t think of it as just an expanded version of the QRG. It is much more! there are 12 new chapters, including topics such a prevalence and incidence, medical devices, bariatrics, pediatrics, critically ill individuals, older adults, individuals with spinal cord injury. Chapters are also included on patient consumers and their caregivers, health professional education and quality indicators. The CPG provides a succinct synopsis of existing research on pressure ulcers. It is an indispensable resource for clinicians providing evidence-based practice, educators presenting the latest research to their students, policy makers shaping the future of health care, and researchers at the cutting edge of new discoveries.

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